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firendlyferrettubeWe have talked about games you can play with your ferret, but what about toys? Sometimes, when you can’t play with your ferret, he needs to entertain himself somehow, am I right? So, how can you help him play. The best and most simpler solution there is, are toys. Come on, I know that most of you love to play with your ferret with toys. 😆  It is great way to get rid of the stress and just have fun!  :tounge:

So, what ferrets like? Like we all know, number one when it comes to ferrets are tunnels. Ferrets love to hide and tunnels are perfect solution for that activity. I have about 7 tubes for Frida, they are in the corner when we don’t use them, but she often goes to that corner to play. Two tubes are from the cage, unfortunately they can’t be in the cage that little piece that holds them to the platform broke, so we are using them outside of the cage. Another two are actually boxes, about half meter long, they are their favourite, probably because they are new. 😉   Then we have two half-meter tube and one extra long, I think it has about 2 meters, but it is in U shape. When Frida is awake but it is just laying, doesn’t know what to do, I pull those tubes out, and she is crazy. She enters from one to another in the speed of light. (*)  I can’t walk through my room because tubes are everywhere, but she is happy and so am I.

Another great toys for ferrets are bags. Plastic or paper. If your ferret likes to bite and chew than it is better solution the paper bags, because plastic one can be dangerous. Why are they do crazy about bags, I can’t tell. It is because they can hide in it as well, the sound of bags, that they are lightweight, there can be so many reasons! But, if they like it, great! 😆

When it comes to regular toys, I must admit, Frida is very picky. I have bought her different balls, sticks, stuffed animals, but she only plays with one or two. ❗  One of her favorite is ball on a rope, it is used to play with dogs, the dog has ball in his mouth and the owner a rope and he pulls it, then throws it. This toy is almost long as Frida and it is hanging on drawer knob, so Frida is jumping and biting it every day. When I give that toy to Frida, she immediately goes into her nest behind my bed and starts to play with it. Another very interesting toy is my toy when I was young. It is one of those toys what you pull the string and it starts to run very fast. So, I pull that string and Frida hides, but the moment that toy stops she goes and tackle it and starts to play with it.

I know there are many more toys for ferrets which are great, so if you have another interesting toy for our furrball, share it with us so we can make life for our ferrets even more entertaining!  😆

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