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Merry Friendly Christmas

It is Christmas, my personal favorite holiday, everything around us is pretty, shiny and everything seems better, more optimistic. 😉 I love walking in the evening when whole city is shiny and beautiful. (*) You can feel the warmth and that always brings a smile to my face. I hope you feel the same about Christmas and that you are all spending it with your family and people you love.  😆

So, I hope that your year was great and succesfull and that the next year will be even more awesome! I hope you and your furrballs are great and that your next year will be filled with great adventures that will bring you even more close! 😉 (that is a lot of ” I hope” in here but it is all in my best intention from me and Frida to you and your sweet little ferrets)

So, Frida and I wish you a merry Christmas and hope that this day was great, awesome and that you enjoyed it to the fullest!



Best wishes and love for you and your friends, family and furrballs! <3

Love, Anja and Frida  😉

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