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Halloween giveaway!

It’s almost the end of October, meaning, Halloween is at the door so prepare your best horror stories and put the scariest costume you can find. I have prepared another giveaway for you and it is scary Halloween giveaway! I need your the most ferretastick  carved pumpkin with ferret motive! I will be scary judge and your pumpkin can get you 1st, 2nd or 3rd place!

There is only one rule: every pumpkin needs to have a ferret motive in it or picture it with your ferret!

To enter our scary giveaway all you need to do is to tag Friendly ferret on your picture with #friendlyferrethalloween in the description and I will choose the winner on Halloween! 🙂

You can tag me on Instagram: Friendly ferret with #friendlyferrethalloween in description

Or you can tag my Facebook page: Friendly Ferret  with #friendlyferrethalloween in description

The best-carved pumpkin and ferret will get one stinky Tshirt and 3 stickers! Second best-carved pumpkin will get one stinky Tshirt and 3rd place will get 3 ferretastic stickers!

Let the games begin! 🙂


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