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Ferrets and other pets

Having ferrets as pets is a special situation all on its own, but keeping ferrets and other pets, now that is something else. Now, you don’t have to worry ferrets can get along with other pets, just make sure it is the right kind of pet. There are numerous animals people have as pets and if you already have a pet and you are thinking about getting a ferret, think hard. Not every animal is good around ferret and ferrets aren’t good around every animal. But, basically, what do you think?

Can ferrets and other pets get along?

Yes. Ferrets are social animals and they love company. If you only have one ferret you have to give him lots of attention because ferrets can get bored easily and when a ferret is bored, then troubles happen. The best would it be to have more ferrets, but if you have other animals, that can be a good situation too. Ferrets mostly get along well with other animals, but you have to keep in mind that a ferret is a predator and it used to hunt animals. Also, the ferret is a small animal and there were cases when ferrets were the hunted one, so it is important to introduce ferrets and other pets properly.

Ferrets and dogs

This combination can be tricky. Most dogs will get along with ferrets, but you have to be careful. There are dangerous situations that can happen with dogs and ferrets. For example, if a dog is used to hunt small animals like rabbits, rats, or even weasels in the past, it will mean that there is a chance the dog will attack the ferret. Also, if you have a big dog which loves ferrets and loves to play with ferrets, always look what they are doing or how hard they are playing because there were situations where dog accidentally sat or stepped on a ferret. The introduction should be in the controlled situation. If you don’t know how your ferret and the dog will react, keep them both on a leash. It is a good idea to show the dog that ferret is a part of the family. Keep the dog at a safe distance and play with a ferret so the dog can see that the ferret is welcomed in the pack. If the dog starts to growl or bark at the ferret stop their introduction and try again next day. If it is really necessary, use a muzzle, but only as the last resort. When you can see that their relationship is getting better, remove the leash, but always keep them under control. Also, provide your ferret a place to hide just to be sure.

Ferrets and cats

Ferrets and cats get along very well, better than with the dogs. Since cats are mostly independent animals, you can introduce them and keep them under control. I am sure if the cat doesn’t like the ferret, it can always jump on the furniture and get away from that weird long furry and smelly creature. Just like with the dogs, keep them supervised until you can see that they can get along, or just tolerate each other without picking a fight.

Ferrets and birds

Now we are entering a sticky situation. Ferrets and birds aren’t the best combination because ferrets have a high prey drive and keeping them around birds will get the bird in danger. I know, I know, birds can fly on a safe spot, but once is enough for the bird to fall asleep in the wrong place. Most ferrets won’t attack the bird nor any other animals but that are most ferrets, you can’t say that for every ferret because there is always a chance for attack. Another thing you have to keep in mind is the stress you are causing for your other pet – the bird. Just imagine living a wonderful life and all of a sudden, you feel like someone is watching you and not in a good way.

Ferrets and rodents

Ferrets and rodents are a big NO-NO because they eat rodents. Most ferrets which are fed with whole prey are fed with mice so they will definitely see them as a snack. For ferrets and other rodents, it is the best to keep them in separate rooms. Don’t introduce them because even if the introduction goes perfectly, the rodent will feel the predator in the house and it will be under huge stress. Do you remember when I wrote a post: Are ferrets rodents? There I have told you a little story how I gave Frida’s leash (which she wore once) to a friend of mine who has a rabbit and the rabbit was wild when he smelled the ferret on the leash. It didn’t want to come near the leash. Just to be sure, I washed the leash before and I am pretty sure my friend washed it too.

I know that this post may seem like your ferret can’t get along with other pets, but that is completely wrong. Your ferret will get along with cats and dogs, just make sure that the introduction period is long enough for your ferrets and other pets to really form a bond. There are many households which have both ferrets and dogs or ferrets and cats or all three – ferrets, cats and dogs and they are one big happy family. 🙂

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