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Ferretastick toy for ferrets

Ferrets get bored so easily! That is why you have to stimulate their mind every day with lots of toys and games! We had packing peanuts for a long time, but they aren’t that good anymore. They are boring and we have to find something else to dig in.

In last few days Yoda was digging in litterbox which is something I am trying to avoid. 😀 Who would want their ferret to dig in the litterbox? 😀 I had to find a solution worthy the pellet’s structure for Yoda to forget about them. So, I found one toy which has become my personal favorite!

I remembered one toy I wanted to do for some time now and this is the perfect situation for it! It is box filled with rice. I must admit I may have put more rice than necessary but they are playing so wonderful inside! Now, before talking about the game, let’s talk about rice.

Rice is great because it isn’t dangerous to our ferrets and it is natural. The best option is to use common long grain rice. If your ferret eats common rice it would just pass through his system. There are many types of rice, every type is good, except instant. Do not use instant rice because if ingested it can blow and cause a blockage in their little digestive system. There is scented rice (like jasmine) which you can also use to absorb oil from their fur, but I don’t think that is necessary. One thing you have to have in mind. Be careful that your ferret doesn’t use rice as litter box 🙂

So, how to make that awesome toy for ferrets? Extremely easy! All you have to have is a plastic box and rice! Grab a plastic box which is low enough for your ferret to climb in but high enough to contain the rice when the games begin. Fill the box with rice and call your fuzzy! Prepare to watch the show!

Frida and Yoda were playing so hard that almost half of the rice ended up outside of the box so I had to make a cover for the box. I didn’t want to use the lid of that box because it was too hard for me to cut it through. So, I used a piece of soft plastic which is easy to cut through. I measured the box and cut the plastic so it can cover the box. I cut a hole in the middle of the plastic, big enough for ferrets and for my hand. It is about 10cm diameter. I taped that plastic on the box so the rice will stay inside the box no matter how hard they are playing. 🙂

If you want to take rice box to another level, use treats. Take few treats and bury them in the rice. Then, give your ferret treat and bury it in front of him. He will try to dig it out. 😀 This toy has proven to be great for Yoda who is a digger and for Frida, who is lazy so  it fits any ferret.

Ta-da! One extremely simple and cheap toy is done!


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