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Back from ferret show in Budapest

This weekend I was in Budapest on VI International ferret show and I must say I was amazed by the number of beautiful ferrets in one place. 🙂 There were about 100 ferrets competing in different categories. I came to Budapest on Friday and the show was on Saturday, so I got to see Budapest as well. Everybody there was so helpful and I am thankful for their hospitality! I have met few people who are following me on Facebook and Instagram and it really means a lot to me that people are recognizing my work! 🙂

The show started at 8 am and lasted until evening. When we arrived we noticed our table and the preparation began. I took everything with me: Shirts, mugs, lanyards, badges, stickers and my new hammocks which I will put on my webshop in few days! 🙂  The moment I was done with my table I went to see all the ferrets on the show. <3 There were old, young, big small, dark, light, slim, sleepy ferrets, all too cute to handle! The amount of fuzziness on the show was through the roof!

Categories for the competition were:

  1. Blackself male
  2. Blackself female
  3. Young dark sable male
  4. Young dark sable female
  5. Adult dark sable male
  6. Adult dark sable female
  7. Light sable male
  8. Light sable female
  9. Cinnamon male
  10. Cinnamon female
  11. Albino male
  12. Albino female
  13. Dark color male
  14. Dark color female
  15. Young light color male
  16. Young light color female
  17. Adult light color male
  18. Adult light color female
  19. Angora male
  20. Angora female
  21. Senior male
  22. Senior female
  23. Handicap

I was sad that my Frida and Yoda weren’t with me, but I had so much to do that I couldn’t bring them with me. 🙁 Next year I will bring them both on every show I will go! 🙂

I have many videos and pictures which are too cute to handle!

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