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Another Friendly Ferret Family member – Tabitha

Another post made by Tabitha who has two ferrets and decided to join our Friendly Ferret Family!

She has two ladies, Phera and Ellie. More about their ferrets, you can read here. 😀


Phera just turned 5 in august and she is a more rambunctious of the two. She is the one who will nip at stranger’s toes if they are wearing socks around her. She likes to play with her little blue stuffed elephant, rolling around with it on the floor.

Phera also likes to find her daddy’s leather wallet and drag it under the couch, she will always get it no matter if it’s is his back pocket or laying on the floor.

Ellie just turned 3 the second week of September. She is the one who will lay in your arms and likes to lick your face if you’re close enough. Her favorite thing to play with is a stress ball that she will pick up and try to always hide underneath the recliner.


We got Phera from a pet store and we got Ellie from someone who was going to move and they were trying to get rid of her so now she is our baby 🙂 and they both eat kibble. 

Instagram: tabitha_ferrets

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