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Adventure with water bowls


No matter what you have to do, if you do it with a ferret, it will become an adventure. The same thing is with one very simple part of life. A water bowl. I have to share my little adventure with finding the right water bowl for my little Frida because she loves to trip over bowls. Actually almost every ferret loves to do that.  😆

First try came with a cage. It is actually attached to the cage and it is a water bottle, not a water bowl. It was made out of plastic, so it wasn’t the best quality, but it did serve a purpose. For some time. :tounge:  The reason why I have changed this water bottle is that Frida didn’t want to drink out of it. Why, I have no idea. When she was out of the cage she opened the top of that bottle, where I pour water and drink out of it. It was funny to see her on her back legs drinking out of the wrong end of the bottle. 🙂

So, you can see how and why I have switched this water bottle with proper water bowl. Since I have read that ferrets love to trip bowls I decided to buy one heavy bowl made of ceramics. Cute brown bowl was great, Frida couldn’t trip it, but it did push it all over the cage and still spill water. I made little cardboard in one corner around the bottle and it did work, until I decided to redesign a cage, so that cardboard experiment was over.  😥

Third option was water bowl attached to the cage. I was so pleased with this little bowl so I have bought another one  for the food.  That was great she couldn’t trip the bottle or even push it around the cage so the cage was dry and clean. For a while. 😛 One day Frida was too long in the cage and she was bored. When you are bored you think of interesting ideas, without a doubt. Frida decided to discover how can she trip both bowls! So she did find the way to trip them. She grabbed them for the bottom and pulled them up. She continued to do that almost every day. I had two options, to clean the cage every day or to buy another bowl, hoping it will be the right one. ❗

I decided to try one more time. Few days ago I have bought another water bowl. This water bowl is made  of steel, it has rubber on the bottom to prevent from pushing it around the cage and the sides of the bowl aren’t straight, they are slanted. This sides are great because Frida can’t trip that bowl. I have high hopes regarding to this bowl. Fingers crossed!  (*)

For now it looks awesome, Frida tried to trip it and failed, but I still wait for that moment of creativity when she will figure out how to spill water out of this bowl as well.  😆

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