Long Time No See!


Well, it has been more than 6 months since my last post I am a little shocked how time can pass by. The year has been more than interesting and I was busy like never before! :wink: But, I find that a good thing because lying around and watching TV isn’t my thing.  :tounge:

Finally I have the time and the energy to write something, to go back to my dearest Friendly Ferret with my dearest Frida. She is healthy, lovely and happy like always and she still makes my life better every day. On May 11 ( this year’s Mother’s Day) my little Frida had her 2nd birthday! I can’t believe she is already two years with me! There are still days when I think to myself OMG I HAVE A FERRET! :lol:

Her birthday got me thinking about ferrets and their company. She is still my only ferret, but in the future I am sure I will buy at least 2 more! I have already picked their names (I think I will go with boys) and they will be Frodo and Yoda. I love the sound of that: Frida, Frodo & Yoda. :lol:


Stay At Home Ferret

ONkX7RfI must say my year has started excellent! The only thing that I am sorry about is that I haven’t written anything  since Christmas, but I must say I was really busy. Like I sad, the year has started great, with many interesting adventures in both private and business life.

For new year I was in Prague, capital of Czech Republic, without my little Frida, but it was only a couple of days. I must add, Prague is beautiful!

But, we are here to talk about our furrballs. I left Frida with my family for a couple of days and everything was perfect. It is a good thing to have someone who loves your ferret and your ferret loves them as well and that is precisely what I have with Frida and my family. Everybody loves each other isn’t that nice?


Merry Friendly Christmas

It is Christmas, my personal favorite holiday, everything around us is pretty, shiny and everything seems better, more optimistic. :wink: I love walking in the evening when whole city is shiny and beautiful. (*) You can feel the warmth and that always brings a smile to my face. I hope you feel the same about Christmas and that you are all spending it with your family and people you love.  :lol:

So, I hope that your year was great and succesfull and that the next year will be even more awesome! I hope you and your furrballs are great and that your next year will be filled with great adventures that will bring you even more close! :wink: (that is a lot of ” I hope” in here but it is all in my best intention from me and Frida to you and your sweet little ferrets)

So, Frida and I wish you a merry Christmas and hope that this day was great, awesome and that you enjoyed it to the fullest!

Best wishes and love for you and your friends, family and furrballs! <3 PicsArt_1388011461334

Love, Anja and Frida  :wink:

Poop Happens

ei6XMLGI am one of those ferret freaks that checks out what kind of poop there is in the litter box after Frida does her business. :D Why poop? Well, there are many symptoms of illnesses that are seen in poop. Since I have started my little research about ferrets two things always came across, no matter where I’d read and look for information. Those were, ferrets bite and ferrets easily get sick. I am a type of person who will worry for nothing, especially when I am talking about my favorite furball. That is why I am checking her poop often and I hope I am not the only one :lol:

When I was searching for ferret illnesses, awful topic :cry: , I was very stressed and sad, I have found one interesting chart. It is a chart of poop. In this chart you have different kind of poop, pictures of it and explanation of every  one. It is a great thing to look at that chart because if this happens to your ferret, you can react on time. The chart is below this post, I don’t know who made it, but whoever did it, thank you.  :wink: (more…)

Smelly Ferret


Two most common questions people ask me when they see me with Frida are: What is that? (variation to this question: Is it a dog/cat/hamster…) and the other is when they hear what it is, does it stink? The second question is always attached to the first one, they can’t go one without the other J So, how to answer on that second question? I must say the best answer I can give is: Sometimes. I can’t say Frida smells bad, it really isn’t that bad, there are some pets that smell worse. But, from time to time she does release few smelly bombs, but, that means owning a ferret! :lol:

It is an animal, you can’t expect from animal to smell like roses and rainbows, even a dog or a cat has its special scent, which can be really interesting if dog rolls into mud, dirt or some poop he found on the street. That is why I don’t understand why is so big deal if ferret smells? I know my Frida sometimes smells like popcorn, but on the other day smells like a wet dog, so you can really say it depends. But, she is a female and I know that male ferrets do have stronger smell but it isn’t like you can’t live with that smell, it can’t be that bad. Their smell is something you can get used to and today I can really say I don’t sense it anymore. :tounge: (more…)

Adventure with water bowls!

SAMSUNG CSCNo matter what you have to do, if you do it with a ferret, it will become an adventure. The same thing is with one very simple part of life. A water bowl. I have to share my little adventure with finding the right water bowl for my little Frida because she loves to trip over bowls. Actually almost every ferret loves to do that.  :lol:


Trick And Treat

firendlyferrettreatFerrets are intelligent animals and even though it can be a challenge to make them come when you call them or stop them from wandering around, but they are actually really cooperative animals.  Ferrets can be taught different tricks and you will have so much fun doing it, just like everything else with a ferret. For teaching some trick you must have time, patience and a treat that your ferret loves more than anything.  :lol:

Frida has one treat that she worships. They are little hearts, treats for cats, but she loves them. While I was writing this post I took a picture of treats and Frida was asleep. The moment I opened the box in which I have these treats, Frida woke up and came to me, because she wanted one. So, you can see how much she loves them, she woke up to the smell of treats!  :tounge:

When Frida was about 6 moths old we started training. Her level of distraction was over the roof, so it took us some time to get a hang of it. Since she was little I wanted to start with something simple. So, all I wanted from her was to stand on her back legs. It took us maybe one month before she figured out and she wasn’t very stable.


Another Ferret Named Frida

FridaHamperI found the Friendly Ferret blog shortly after my ferret Frida passed away.  I sent Anja an email to let her know about my Frida and she was kind enough to ask if I wanted to write a story about my Frida for her blog.

My Frida died on September 4.  She was almost nine years old. She was a sable ferret like Anja’sFrida.  We got her from a breeder when she was about eight weeks old and it was love at first sight.  We already had two male ferrets, but Frida was very feisty and she became the dominant ferret even though the boys were more than twice her size.  From the time she was a kit, she had a strong instinct to shake her prey.  Her “prey” included toys and treats.  She would shake them really fast.

Frida liked to go outside, but after she explored a bit, she was ready to come back inside.  On a couple of occasions, when she accidentally got outside, she scratched at the door to be let in.  Typical ferret behavior would be to wander around and get lost.

Once, she found a toad in the backyard and was fascinated by it even though she wasn’t allowed to play with it.  Every time she would go outside after that, she went back to the same spot to look for the toad.  Then another time when she was outside, she found a rock and kept pawing it and turning it over.  We looked at the rock and realized it was shaped like a toad.


Toys Toys Toys

firendlyferrettubeWe have talked about games you can play with your ferret, but what about toys? Sometimes, when you can’t play with your ferret, he needs to entertain himself somehow, am I right? So, how can you help him play. The best and most simpler solution there is, are toys. Come on, I know that most of you love to play with your ferret with toys. :lol:  It is great way to get rid of the stress and just have fun!  :tounge:

So, what ferrets like? Like we all know, number one when it comes to ferrets are tunnels. Ferrets love to hide and tunnels are perfect solution for that activity. I have about 7 tubes for Frida, they are in the corner when we don’t use them, but she often goes to that corner to play. Two tubes are from the cage, unfortunately they can’t be in the cage that little piece that holds them to the platform broke, so we are using them outside of the cage. Another two are actually boxes, about half meter long, they are their favourite, probably because they are new. :wink:   Then we have two half-meter tube and one extra long, I think it has about 2 meters, but it is in U shape. When Frida is awake but it is just laying, doesn’t know what to do, I pull those tubes out, and she is crazy. She enters from one to another in the speed of light. (*)  I can’t walk through my room because tubes are everywhere, but she is happy and so am I.

I Wanna Play A Game

friendlyferretlookWhat I like the most about ferrets is they playfulness and curiosity. I could play with my Frida all day long, I wouldn’t be bored a minute. When you see your ferret jumping and running you just got to join him, ferrets are irresistible. <3

I love to play with Frida and there are many games you can play with your ferret. I have few personal favorite games and I think Frida loves them as well. For example: Hide and seek. Hide and seek is a game we are playing for only few weeks, it is rather new, but it has great potential. Since ferrets love to hide and go in different holes, under the bed, sofa, table and chairs, this game is great for them. So, how are we playing this game? (more…)