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VI International ferret show in Budapest

ferret show

This month is extremely important for me and my Friendly Ferret because we are preparing for our first ferret show! 🙂 I am going to the VI International Ferret Show in Budapest, Hungary in 21st January.

I can’t be more excited because this is my first appearing with Friendly Ferret in a ferret show. This ferret show is located in Bkv Pálya, Sport utca 2., Budapest, Hungary. The exact location you can see in the link of the Facebook event.

Unfortunately, Frida and Yoda aren’t coming with me. I though it is better for them to be at home because I’ll probably be too preoccupied with everything else. I would love to have them by my side, but this time is better this way. I don’t have enough experience with that kind of shows and I want to make sure first how it is like, then carry them with me.

Anyway, let’s get back to the show. So, there will be a ferret show and a little space for us producers of ferret accessories and for professional ferret breeders. I will have a place with all my products and just in time for the show, my ferretastick hammocks are done! There will be in 3 unique designs, all 100% made for ferrets and tested by my Frida and Yoda! I will even show you which ones are their favorites! 🙂

Since it is a ferret show, I will have a 20% discount on every product, with many awesome things you can see in person. When I come back in Zagreb I will write another post about ferret show with many pictures of ferrets!

I hope I will see you in Budapest next weekend! Remember, the date is 21st January 2017.

See you there!

Love from Anja, Frida and Yoda!

Here are links to the event for more information:


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