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How to introduce ferret to each other

Ferrets are interesting animals, they aren’t like dogs so when they see each other they’ll sniff and play immediately. Ferrets work like that when they are introduced very young. The older the ferret, the more challenging introduction will be. You can’t know how your ferret will react with another ferret. So, what to do then? When it comes to gender, opposite gender  ferrets are usually getting along better than same gender ferrets. Also, female ferrets are more challenging to introduce...
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Going to the vet with your ferret

We are going to the vet to see if Yoda is a healthy little boy. It is important for you to choose a veterinarian who knows how to deal with ferrets, which are their most common problems and how to properly treat their illnesses. I have one vet near my home who is really good and another very good vet for ferrets is 20 minutes drive from home. That is really great, both of my vets are near. I...
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It’s small, it’s adorable…. What is it?

I wanted to get another ferret for a while now and this week my dream came true. A few days ago I went on a road trip to expand my Friendly Ferret family. It was a long trip and that really didn’t bother me because at the end of that trip I’ll have another ferret! I won’t tell you a thing about it, for now. 🙂 The bad thing about this road trip is that it was raining in the morning...
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