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Trick and treat

Ferrets are intelligent animals and even though it can be a challenge to make them come when you call them or stop them from wandering around, but they are actually really cooperative animals.  Ferrets can be taught different tricks and you will have so much fun doing it, just like everything else with a ferret. For teaching some trick you must have time, patience and a treat that your ferret loves more than anything.  😆 Frida has one treat that...
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To bite or not to bite?

Since our little furrballs are carnivores, their teeth are very sharp. And they know how to use them very well. Ferrets are known for biting and you have to work with your ferret to get rid of that habit. What is the reason for their biting habits? There are many things that can trigger them, but none of them is the official reason. So, the reasons ferrets bite are defense, playfulness, communication, and many more. For example: Ferrets have very...
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Friendly ferret and litter box

This is my 10th post, I am very excited! 😆  I hope you are enjoying my little blog. Since this is very special number I will write about something special and that is the infamous litter box training. Like I said in earlier posts, I haven’t had difficulties in training Frida to go to the litter box to do her business, but I know some tricks that can help someone to train their ferret.  Ferrets go to the litter...
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