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Preparations for new family member – PART 2

I made tons of little modifications for Frida around my home and in the cage. Another thing I did in the cage has to do with the water bowl. 😀 So, ferrets like to turn over their water bowls, meaning there is water EVERYWHERE in the cage. I made a little fence around the bowl so she can’t turn it over. And again, I took duck tape <3, some cardboard and a bowl for water. I measured dimensions of that...
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Preparations for new family member – PART 1

Preparing yourself for a pet is sometimes more serious than buying an actual pet. If you are a beginner and you don’t have anything you can use for your pet (bowl, food, toys….) you must find out what you need, prices of everything, and make a total budget so you’ll now how much money you need. I didn’t have anything, my only pet before Frida was a goldfish named Nemo so I literally couldn’t use anything I had at...
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