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Another Friendly Ferret Family member – Tabitha

Another post made by Tabitha who has two ferrets and decided to join our Friendly Ferret Family! She has two ladies, Phera and Ellie. More about their ferrets, you can read here. 😀 Phera just turned 5 in august and she is a more rambunctious of the two. She is the one who will nip at stranger’s toes if they are wearing socks around her. She likes to play with her little blue stuffed elephant, rolling around with it on the...
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It’s small, it’s adorable…. What is it?

I wanted to get another ferret for a while now and this week my dream came true. A few days ago I went on a road trip to expand my Friendly Ferret family. It was a long trip and that really didn’t bother me because at the end of that trip I’ll have another ferret! I won’t tell you a thing about it, for now. 🙂 The bad thing about this road trip is that it was raining in the morning...
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New Friendly Ferret

After almost a year I have finally decided to come back to my dear and beloved Friendly Ferret blog with the same team: Frida the Friendly Ferret and Anja the Owner. But, there are some changes. My blog isn’t the only thing I will do with my Friendly Ferret. I am also starting my Youtube channel where you will see me and my little Frida having fun, talking about ferrets and everything related to ferrets. After more than 4 years...
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Another ferret named Frida

I found the Friendly Ferret blog shortly after my ferret Frida passed away.  I sent Anja an email to let her know about my Frida and she was kind enough to ask if I wanted to write a story about my Frida for her blog. My Frida died on September 4.  She was almost nine years old. She was a sable ferret like Anja’sFrida.  We got her from a breeder when she was about eight weeks old and it was...
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My Friendly Ferret Frida

I got my ferret over a year ago, but the research lasted for about two years. The problem in Croatia is that people don’t know anything about ferrets, there aren’t any books or any kind of guides for ferretproofing your home and learning about ferrets.  Everything I know now I’ve learnt from forums, other blogs or books I found in english. My little furrball is one year old and her name is Frida. She is sable, meaning she has brown...
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Who lies behind Friendly Ferret?

Hi everybody, At the beginning let me introduce myself. My name is Anja, I’m 26 years old and I am a civil engineering student. Yes, girls study that too. I live in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, for those who don’t know about Croatia, it is a country in Europe. I am a cheerful person who loves music and animals above everything. What can I say about me? Well, I am Gemini, meaning I can’t just sit down and do nothing....
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