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How to introduce ferret to each other

Ferrets are interesting animals, they aren’t like dogs so when they see each other they’ll sniff and play immediately. Ferrets work like that when they are introduced very young. The older the ferret, the more challenging introduction will be. You can’t know how your ferret will react with another ferret. So, what to do then? When it comes to gender, opposite gender  ferrets are usually getting along better than same gender ferrets. Also, female ferrets are more challenging to introduce...
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Toys, games and more

Do you remember my post about playing games with Frida? I must admit we don’t play those games anymore, she is getting lazy (and so am I). There are tons of other games we can play even though we are both lazy. Ferrets aren’t typical pets we all know that. Their playtime is different from, example, dogs. I also have a dog,  a Westie named Tila and she is still a puppy. She is 6 months old and she is...
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New Friendly Ferret

After almost a year I have finally decided to come back to my dear and beloved Friendly Ferret blog with the same team: Frida the Friendly Ferret and Anja the Owner. But, there are some changes. My blog isn’t the only thing I will do with my Friendly Ferret. I am also starting my Youtube channel where you will see me and my little Frida having fun, talking about ferrets and everything related to ferrets. After more than 4 years...
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Stay at home ferret

I must say my year has started excellent! The only thing that I am sorry about is that I haven’t written anything  since Christmas, but I must say I was really busy. Like I sad, the year has started great, with many interesting adventures in both private and business life. For new year I was in Prague, capital of Czech Republic, without my little Frida, but it was only a couple of days. I must add, Prague is beautiful! But, we...
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Another ferret named Frida

I found the Friendly Ferret blog shortly after my ferret Frida passed away.  I sent Anja an email to let her know about my Frida and she was kind enough to ask if I wanted to write a story about my Frida for her blog. My Frida died on September 4.  She was almost nine years old. She was a sable ferret like Anja’sFrida.  We got her from a breeder when she was about eight weeks old and it was...
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My Friendly Ferret Frida

I got my ferret over a year ago, but the research lasted for about two years. The problem in Croatia is that people don’t know anything about ferrets, there aren’t any books or any kind of guides for ferretproofing your home and learning about ferrets.  Everything I know now I’ve learnt from forums, other blogs or books I found in english. My little furrball is one year old and her name is Frida. She is sable, meaning she has brown...
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