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Halloween giveaway!

It’s almost the end of October, meaning, Halloween is at the door so prepare your best horror stories and put the scariest costume you can find. I have prepared another giveaway for you and it is scary Halloween giveaway! I need your the most ferretastick  carved pumpkin with ferret motive! I will be scary judge and your pumpkin can get you 1st, 2nd or 3rd place! There is only one rule: every pumpkin needs to have a ferret motive in...
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How to introduce ferret to each other

Ferrets are interesting animals, they aren’t like dogs so when they see each other they’ll sniff and play immediately. Ferrets work like that when they are introduced very young. The older the ferret, the more challenging introduction will be. You can’t know how your ferret will react with another ferret. So, what to do then? When it comes to gender, opposite gender  ferrets are usually getting along better than same gender ferrets. Also, female ferrets are more challenging to introduce...
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