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Are you ready for bath?

Well, last couple of posts were about that hot summer weather outside, so I decided to continue in the same way. We tried everything, we are cooling with bottles and fans, but I think the time is perfect for some bath!  😆 There are two kind of ferrets. The ones who adore water and ones who hate it. There aren’t any rules when it comes to keeping your ferret clean. You can bath ferret every week, if he has...
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How to recognize heatstroke in ferrets?

There are many useful tricks on how to make your ferret cool, but sometimes those tricks can’t help and if it comes to the heatstroke, you need to know what to do. I hope it won’t come to that, but better safe than sorry. Even more important thing, how to recognize a heat stroke? A heatstroke is something you mustn’t play with, it can kill your furball. Since ferrets can’t sweat, not like us or through the mouth like dogs,...
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Preparations for new family member – PART 2

I made tons of little modifications for Frida around my home and in the cage. Another thing I did in the cage has to do with the water bowl. 😀 So, ferrets like to turn over their water bowls, meaning there is water EVERYWHERE in the cage. I made a little fence around the bowl so she can’t turn it over. And again, I took duck tape <3, some cardboard and a bowl for water. I measured dimensions of that...
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Preparations for new family member – PART 1

Preparing yourself for a pet is sometimes more serious than buying an actual pet. If you are a beginner and you don’t have anything you can use for your pet (bowl, food, toys….) you must find out what you need, prices of everything, and make a total budget so you’ll now how much money you need. I didn’t have anything, my only pet before Frida was a goldfish named Nemo so I literally couldn’t use anything I had at...
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