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Preparations for new family member – PART 2

friendlyferretharnessI made tons of little modifications for Frida around my home and in the cage. Another thing I did in the cage has to do with the water bowl. 😀

So, ferrets like to turn over their water bowls, meaning there is water EVERYWHERE in the cage. I made a little fence around the bowl so she can’t turn it over. And again, I took duck tape <3, some cardboard and a bowl for water. I measured dimensions of that bowl and cut two cardboards so they make a frame around bowl, similar height like the bowl. I join them ( like in the litter box) with the sides of the cage with duck tape. Now, she drinks water without flipping the bowl. 😉

Now, that the cage is done, there are many other things ferrets need. One of them is a carrier. If you want your ferret to go everywhere with you, you’ll need a carrier. The carrier doesn’t need to be some special carrier, it can be for little dogs or cats. There are carriers made especially for ferrets, but they seem rather expensive. They can be made of plastic and fabric, both materials are just fine. Then, they can open on the side, on the top, have two openings, there is really huge variety of carriers on the market. I have a plastic carrier, white and green colors, green is my favourite color. 😀

When Frida goes on a trip with me, that is rather often, I put a cage in the trunk and she is in the backseat in the carrier. If that trip is long, I put in the carrier little litter box (that is why I had chosen the plastic one) so she can do her business. We make every once in a while short stop so she can run around (on the leash of course) and have some water. Wherever you go with your ferret, you must have water with you, especially during summer because ferrets can’t stand if it is too hot around them. They are very sensitive when it comes to high temperatures.

If you want to walk your ferret outside you’ll need a leash and a harness. Collars for cats and dogs, the ones that goes around the neck are too easy for them to take off. The best solution are harness. Harness goes around their front legs and they aren’t that easy to take off. Even though there are ferrets who manage to take them off as well. Harness can be found in two different models, the ones with the net and without the net. Ones with the net have net on the back which goes all around the ferret and those are difficult to take of. Other harness is without the net, basic harness which you can buy in every pet store, but you must choose the right size. At first few times it will be a challenge to put a harness on your ferret, but once he gets used to, it will be a piece of cake. 😀

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