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Poop happens

ei6XMLGI am one of those ferret freaks that checks out what kind of poop there is in the litter box after Frida does her business. 😀 Why poop? Well, there are many symptoms of illnesses that are seen in poop. Since I have started my little research about ferrets two things always came across, no matter where I’d read and look for information. Those were, ferrets bite and ferrets easily get sick. I am a type of person who will worry for nothing, especially when I am talking about my favorite furball. That is why I am checking her poop often and I hope I am not the only one 😆

When I was searching for ferret illnesses, awful topic 😥 , I was very stressed and sad, I have found one interesting chart. It is a chart of poop. In this chart you have different kind of poop, pictures of it and explanation of every  one. It is a great thing to look at that chart because if this happens to your ferret, you can react on time. The chart is below this post, I don’t know who made it, but whoever did it, thank you.  😉

One of the most famous illness is ECE, epizootic catarrahal enteritis and it is called green slime disease. Why? Well, one of the symptoms you can ‘t unseen is green diarrhea. It comes in light to dark green, it is fluid, smelly and bad for your ferret. Besides that your ferret can vomit and be too letarghic. ECE isn’t fatal in most cases, but it can really make your ferret’s life and yours nightmare for some time. This is just one illness, you can now imagine why I am checking her poop that often.

I have immediately saved this chart on my laptop and for some time I have even compared Frida’s poop to the ones in the chart but she is one healthy little lady, no problem in that area.  😆

I was actually quite astonished in variety of their poop. I know it sounds silly now, but think about it, they can have almost white, yellow, green and of course brown, which can be dark and light brown. Look at me, I am rambling nonsense, nevertheless, here is that famous poop chart I was writing you about and hope it can help you.  😆

poop chart

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