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Make your ferret a ferretastick Hidey Hole!

tent DIY projectThe Internet is filled with awesome DIY stuff for pets and I must say I had to make few things for my Frida and Yoda, but I did add some improvements for ferrets. Why do I like those DIY projects? It really boosts your creativity level it is extremely fun and you have the product just the way you wanted to be. I love DIY projects, they are my favorite anti-stress therapy. 🙂  I have prepared few awesome things you can do at your home to make your ferrets happy. I am really extremely excited about this, I am planning to do this for soo long!

Let’s start from the simplest one, that would be a hidey-hole for Frida and Yoda! I will make a box for Yoda and a beautiful tent for Frida. 🙂 To make a DIY stuff I will need things I can find at home and since I am really not so handy with tools I will use the most basic tools ever. 😀 Some pliers, paper clips, a measuring tape, needle and a thread and the most awesome tool for every ferret owner – a duck tape. I have tried to find some colorful duck tape, but I have only found one black and silver, basic colors. Oh, well, nevermind, I will find a way to make them extra colorful! Maybe put some green on them, after all, it is my favorite color. 🙂

Yoda’s box will be my first project because it is far simpler than Frida’s tent. Since I haven’t done them before, I think it is the best to start from the simplest one, don’t you agree?

So, what do I need for Yoda’s hidey-hole?

  • A cardboard box
  • Some duck tape
  • Scissors
  • Old shirt
  • A craft knife
  • A needle and a thread

I like this project because it is extremely simple and it is done under 10 minutes. If you are a rookie in DIY projects, I think that this is the best project for you. I haven’t done any DIY projects since the rice box so I can say that I am a little out of shape. This one will be perfect for my comeback. 🙂

I have chosen a simple cardboard box which doesn’t have one side, made from thicker cardboard so my ferrets can stand on it as well. The main entrance is the front side and I will make two smaller entrances on the opposite sides of the box, in the middle. I will cut two holes sizes: 8cmx8cm (you can make smaller or bigger hole, it is up to you). I will tell you later why I added two more holes. 🙂

When people make this box for cats, they just put the box in the old Tshirt. I will use long sleeve shirt so my ferrets can enter the box from the front and from the sides. I want to make two „tunnels“ on each side of the box so they can enter from the tunnels. It is far more fun that way if you ask ferrets.

Now that I have made two holes I will put the box in the long sleeve shirt and place the holes for the neck and arms right on the holes in the box. If you aren’t sure where to put the holes for the sleeves, put the box on the shirt first, then cut the holes for the sleeves. Anyhow, works just fine. 🙂

The final step is to fix the box to the shirt. I will use a needle and a thread to fix the holes on the side of the box to the sleeves. Otherwise, your ferret will go in that area between the box and the shirt. After that, tie up the rest of the shirt in a knot at the back of the box and Voila! You have an awesome box for your ferret!

Spring is coming so put light material inside the box, maybe some old shirts or light blankets and your ferret will have soft hidey-hole in under 10 minutes!

Yoda will be soo excited!

yoda's box

It is Frida time!

For Frida, I decided to make the most famous cat tent, but for ferrets. Ferrets are smaller than cats, so this tent will be pocket size. J I have decided to go with the base about 30cm x 30cm. Oh, I almost forgot, before I continue with my project, I have to list things I need for the tent:

  • A cardboard base 20×20 cm
  • A duck tape
  • One hanger
  • Pliers
  • Tshirt
  • Safety pins

The first thing I have to do is to get a hanger. The best hanger to use is wired one because I can easily cut. The first step is to cut the „head“ of the hanger and straighten the wired hanger. Repeat that with the second hanger. Excellent, that will be the tent!

The next step is to fix the wire on the cardboard base. I have to pierce the cardboard with the wire and curve the wire on the opposite side of the cardboard. Repeat that on other 3 corners. Since I have two wires I have to connect two opposite (diagonal) corners with one wire to make a tent. So, four corners connect with two wires. After that, I just have to fix the joint (where two wires meet) with the duck tape. Woohoo, the tent is almost done!

My final step is to put the tent in the Tshirt (just like with Yoda’s box) and tie up the Tshirt. Here I will use safety pins to fix the knots!

frida tent

I hope you liked my little ferret projects. Share with me and the rest of the ferret world your projects!


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