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How to help your friendly ferret beat the heat?


It is the end of July and the heat outside is beyond endurance to us, can you imagine how hard it is to our little furrballs? We all know that ferrets can’t stand the heat too well and we should be carefull with them.  Can we go out with them during summer and if yes, when? These questions are very delicate, because, yes, ferrets in general can’t stand the heat to well, but every ferret is a different story. How can we make their life during summer (and other seasons thanks to global warming) great, cold and full of fun and joy?  ❗

At first, don’t go outside. Period. If the weather is too hot for you, it is definitely too hot for your fuzzy friend. The only time you can go out with him, is very early in the morning or late in the evening and that is also a big maybe. If you are going out with your ferret, take with you bottle of cold, cold water for drinking and one frozen bottle to keep your ferret away from the heat stroke.

When it comes to high temperatures, you can’t hide from them.  It is hot inside and outside.  Today is sooo hot here, that even I can’t take it and I’m a summer type ( I love summer more than winter).  When Frida woke up I gave her one frozen bottle to play with, I wrapped a towel around the bottle so she can’t bite it, but it will make Frida cool. Another one I have put in her cage (also wrapped in old towel) and the third one is on the bed, near me, so I can cool off from time to time.  😆


 I did also one little thing, hope my mom won’t find out, so it is our little secret. :tounge:  Frida has one tube which is rather short, it is maybe 50 cm. I took that tube, cleaned it very well and put it in the freezer for short time. When I it took out  (it was cold) Frida entered in it and stayed there. 😀 It didn’t last long, but she almost fell asleep  😉

This is how we cool ourselves today. For tomorrow, who knows? Maybe taking a bath isn’t bad idea  💡

There are many tricks on how to cool your ferret and if you have something to share, feel free to do this, you can help other ferret owners with that little trick.  (*)

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