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How to choose the best ferret cage?

pet ferret cageFerrets are big sleepers, but the time they are awake, they will make the most of it, trust me. 🙂 They may sleep 18-20 hours a day, but those 4-6 hours they jump, play, dig and do mischief. Because of that side of them, ferrets shouldn’t be left alone when they are awake and outside of the cage. For example, just the other day I’ve left my room for 10 minutes to make myself the coffee and when I came back, Yoda was on my table sniffing my keyboard. Google searched about nvksjhgrsjnrvsegbs (I hope Yoda found out what he needed) 😀 That is one of many reasons why you shouldn’t leave your ferret unattended. Why am I mentioning that? Well, because if you have to go somewhere and your ferret wants to play, you have to put him in the cage. That cage should be big enough for him and ferret toys for cage so he can have fun. How to choose among good ferret cages one that will be the perfect one for your furbaby? What must yo consider about before buying one? What do ferrets need in their cage? Here are some tips to help you choose your perfect cage.


Choosing the right ferret cage is very important because that will be your ferret’s home where he goes when he wants some private time. What is the best size, what about the design, how many levels, holes and much more you can read in this article. But, let’s go from the beginning. One question you must ask yourself is:


ferret cagesThere are awesome ferret cages on the market, but not all are the best for every possible situation. One of the things you must consider before buying pet ferret cage is how many ferrets will you have? If you are planning to get one ferret, then the minimal measures for you cage are about 70 cm long, 60 cm wide and 50 cm high. A ferret should have enough room to play when you are at work or doing chores. If you don’t have good ferret cages in your country you can buy cages for rabbits, chinchillas or some bigger rodent. Don’t buy cages for hamsters or rats because they are usually too small. Use this minimum dimensions as a guide.

If you are considering more than one ferret, then your choice of all good ferret cages is better. There are more cages for ferrets on the market which are made for more than one ferret because people often have more than one ferret. If you want to get one ferret now and more in the future I recommend you buy bigger cage in the beginning because you probably have to separate your ferrets the first month. Some bigger cages have ”floors” in them for separation.


There are many details which you must consider because sometimes is hard to see among all those awesome ferret cages, which one is the best. Ferrets love to roam around and sometimes cage isn’t enough, no matter how big it is. That is why they make great escape artists. If they see something they want outside of the cage, they will do everything to get that. By everything I mean they will try their best to escape. Due to that, you have to make sure that the doors on cages for ferrets can close really tight. When you are browsing good ferret cages, try to open the doors from the inside (if there are more doors, which is a better solution) to see how hard do they to open.

best ferret cageOne more thing they can escape from are wires on the walls of the cage. Ferrets are flexible and they can fit through narrow holes. That is why wires on the walls should be about 1,5 cm to 2,50 cm wide, not more. If they try to escape through the wire, they can get stuck and suffocate. Wires that are 1,50 to 2,50 cm wide they don’t see as the possible escaping method.

Bottom of pet ferret cage must be solid because if the bottom is wired ferret can easily get stuck and injure. If you already have a wired cage, you can cover it with linoleum but you have to fix it so it doesn’t move or ferrets can’t go under it. Don’t use wires on levels or any other horizontal surface (where ferret walks) to avoid any injury.

The cage will be bigger if you have more ferrets, which means heavier as well. Good ferret cages have wheels on the bottom for easier transportation, but make sure they have brakes so the cage won’t roll off.

If you have an outside ferret cage consider all of the above criteria. For them is good to have one closed section so they can go inside – like a dwelling. It can be half the cage, the other can be just open space surrounded by wire walls, solid bottom, and roof. Make sure your ferret is adjusted to the weather outside so it won’t be too cold/hot for him. Also, you can put hammocks and toys inside of the dwellings in the cage and outside. Outdoor ferret cages are usually protected from the direct wind with another building. Usually, they are on the side of the house or garage.


Now that we’ve talked about best ferret cage from the outside, let’s talk about the interior.

ferrets cagesSince awesome ferret cages make awesome ferret retreats, they have to have ”rooms” for ferrets. I love to think that cages are their houses and due to that you have to make them feel like home. Ferrets won’t poop near their food and I am sure you wouldn’t want to either.  Cages for ferrets need to have levels so you can organize sleeping, eating and pooping separately. For example, on the top level you can put their bowl with food and water, on the medium you can put hammocks and on the bottom goes litterbox. Food and water are far from the litter which is more hygienic. The good thing about levels is that ferrets exercise while jumping from one to another. Jumping is fun, but when your ferret is tired, ill or in recovery from an operation he won’t be able to jump so make sure he has an additional way of transportation from one level to another. For example, there are ramps or tubes which can connect one level to another. I have tubes in Frida’s cage.

The best is to fix bowls for water and food on the wired wall. Ferrets love to dive into water bowls and flip them over. If you don’t feel like cleaning food and water every day, this is the solution.

Bigger cage usually means more room for hammocks and ferrets love those. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in some soft and warm hammock? This is when levels in your cage come handy. Put hammocks in pet ferret cage near every level so he can enter from any level he wants. When he is tired, he’ll jump right in, but when he wants to play he’ll play in it. There are numerous good hammocks on the market and if you don’t have any around you, use ones for chinchillas or guinea pigs, but make sure they are big enough. Ferrets love to sleep on a pile.

ferret cage toysHammocks are for sleep, what about when they are awake? There are ferret toys for a cage that can make your ferret interested when you are too busy to let him out of the cage. You can make your own toys, like hang some band or braid, use a cardboard box with holes in it, or you can buy toys.  You can buy balls, some stuffed animals, balls, rollers anything that can interest your ferret. Make sure that he can’t chew on toys because you can’t monitor him while he is in the cage. So, no plastic balls he can chew, no foam, no rubber etc.

No matter how many toys your ferret has, sometimes all he wants to do is to flip over the litter box. To stop him from doing that (Yoda loves to do that) buy a littler box that can hook up on the cage or you can do it yourself. Make a hole on the side (or top) of your litter box and a hook it on the cage.

We went through the entire cage, from top to bottom and inside out to make sure your ferret will feel like home in no time! Observe what your ferret likes most and what he doesn’t use. Remove stuff that isn’t interesting and bring more of those extremely interesting toys! Your ferret will be happy in no time!

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  1. Denise Ahrend March 1, 2017 at 8:44 pm Reply

    Hi Anja, Frida and Yoda, here in Germany the cage for a ferret must have a minimum size of 2 square meters at the base for one ferret. That meens 4 square meters for two fuzzys. Buying such a cage is impossible most times, so you have to build one yourself. Our animal welfare act is very strict in this point. For this reason my fuzzys have a room for themself. I will send you some pictures of their new room in our new home after our moving in summer, if you like.
    All the best

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