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Friendly ferret and litter box

friendlyferretsleepyThis is my 10th post, I am very excited! 😆  I hope you are enjoying my little blog. Since this is very special number I will write about something special and that is the infamous litter box training. Like I said in earlier posts, I haven’t had difficulties in training Frida to go to the litter box to do her business, but I know some tricks that can help someone to train their ferret.  Ferrets go to the litter box many times during the day so you will have more than enough tries for your ferret to master this skill, no worries. If you are going to use some random box remember to make that box approachable to your ferret, meaning the sides mustn’t be to high or your ferret won’t be able to enter.

If you don’t remember, I actually made litter box around the corner which Frida has chosen all by herself, so she did pretty much all the work. But, if your ferret doesn’t know what is that strange box in their cage, you can help him to figure it out. There are a couple of ways to do that and your ferret will learn that, but you have to be patient.

Ferrets usually do their business a couple of minutes after they wake up so you can leave them in the cage until they use the litter box and then let them out of the cage, so if they miss they won’t do it on the carpet, under the table or something like that.

Don’t push their face in the poop if it is outside the box, it won’t help, they need affection and love, not violence. Actually don’t do that to any animal, not just ferrets.

One of the simpler ways is to put some of their poop in the litter box and they will figure out what is that strange box for. If that doesn’t work the first time then try again tomorrow. But, if your ferret figures out that trick and does his business in the litter box, give him affection because your ferret did big and great job. Treats are very welcome here. And many hugs and kisses as well

Another thing you can do is actually very interesting and unconventional. You can watch your ferret, we all know how they behave when they have to go. When he does that famous backward walk to the corner with the tail up, pick your ferret and put him in the litter box. After few tries your ferret will understand why you are picking it up and putting in some strange box! 😉

Even if your ferret knows how to use litter box there will be accidents. If your ferret is playing and it is just too much fun to make a break for litter box, he will probably just run into nearest corner and do it. It is not a strange thing, it will happen from time to time, but that is pretty normal when it comes to playfull little furballs like our ferrets. 😆  And that is why we love them!  :tounge:


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