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Ferret Hammocks And Bedding

Our cute sleepyheads spend most of their time dreaming about their awesome life so I can say that sleeping is the most important part of ferret’s life. Is there any better place to sleep than some comfy hammock? I don’t think so.

Hammocks are an awesome solution for you too, as a ferret owner. Every ferret has played in the cage in litter box at least once and then, a whole cage is a mess. To avoid replacing blankets on the floor couple of times daily, replace them with hammocks. Hammocks are designed to hang in the air, above the bottom of the cage and they can stay clean that way.  Also, you can fit them on every floor in the cage, which means more hammocks! More hammocks mean more places to sleep for your ferret! 🙂


Ferret Hammocks And Bedding1. REASON – Ferrets love to sleep. A lot.

I am sure that your ferret sleeps more than 18 hours a day. Would you like to sleep 18 hours a day on a hard floor or in a cozy hammock? 😀

2. REASON – Ferrets love to sleep in clean environment

Bottom of the cage can get messy easily, you know what I am talking about. With a hammock, it is less messy and easier to clean because the hammock hangs in the air. Washing hammock, on the other side, is really simple. Unhook – place in the washing machine once or twice a month.

3. REASON – Hammocks are healthy for your ferret

A good sleep is important to you? Yes, and to your ferret also. A good sleep recharges the battery, relaxes the entire body and improves overall health. For good sleep, you and your ferret need a cozy bed or a hammock. 🙂

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The moment I started learning about ferrets 6 years ago, I have encountered one problem and that is the lack of ferret products. It was impossible to find a hammock made for ferrets. A few years later the situation was a little better, but hammocks were still unavailable. I had to search almost every pet shop to find some and when I have found it, they didn’t last long. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Due to that, I took things into my own hands and last year I started designing my own hammocks, from the ferret owner point of view.


ferret-icon-hammockNOT SUITABLE FOR FERRETS

ferret-icon-hammockPOOR QUALITY & LOW DURABILITY

I made 9 hammocks with 3 different designs, all made especially for ferret owners and ferrets. To make them extra soft I have added textile wadding in the hammock and to make them look fabulous in every situation I’ve put soft plastic in them.

It was a long trip, but it was worth it. The process of making the hammock was 6 months long and I made hammocks in cooperation with a professional seamstress who has found the best way to solve problems common to hammocks in pet shops. Every week I was at seamstress to talk about hammocks. When one of the first hammocks was made I looked at it, tried to put a hand in it and it was OK, but when I asked my brother to do the same I noticed that the opening was too small so I had to make it bigger. Now, closed hammocks have openings big enough to fit one hand but narrow enough not to allow the light in. Every hammock I have in my webshop is tested by my two ferrets, Frida and Yoda. Your opinion about my hammocks matters to me because I want to make them even better and that is something you can help me with.


hammock made with love by ferret ownerFrida and Yoda picked the materials inside and I picked the materials outside with special design I made. I have chosen the best one out of about 30 different materials. It is durable material decorated with 3 special designs for ferrets and soft material inside of the hammock. Some hammocks have textile wadding between those 2 materials for more cozy feeling. I’ve put a soft plastic in hammocks to keep them in the right shape when your ferret is inside sleeping, so they will look awesome in every situation. A textile wadding is on top of the plastic to make your ferret comfortable while sleeping. Designed by Friendly Ferret, sewed by professional costume designer, they are all what one ferret needs in a hammock.

Every hammock has adjustable straps so you can choose the height of the hammocks yourself. There are also two different lengths of straps because I am aware that not every cage is identical. Most hammocks can be placed on the ground and in the air, so if your ferret wants to sleep out of the cage in a hammock, you can do that in under a minute. Just remove adjustable straps and put the hammock on the floor. 🙂 Due to that option, I made straps with two hooks so you can easily remove them if not needed. Metal hooks can rotate and are easy to handle, which I think is very important.

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Since there are hammocks for ferrets/guinea pigs/ hamsters all in one, I wanted to make hammocks, especially for ferrets, because they are nothing like other small animals. There is a difference in behavior because ferrets love to ”dig” in hammocks. The main problem with low-quality hammocks is that they will be destroyed in under a month. Due to that, every hammock was tested by Frida and Yoda, because who would test them better than ferrets? Hammocks are special in its own way, even Frida and Yoda have their favorites. I have designed hammocks for one ferret and hammocks for more ferrets, so there is something for every ferret owner. Also, closed hammocks have openings big enough for your hand so you can pet your ferret while it is sleeping.

With my 3 designs, you can choose hammocks especially for your female or male ferret because I made them in 3 colors: red, blue and black. Don’t worry they are all very soft due to textile wadding so your ferret will fall asleep extra fast. 🙂

I tried to make the optimal size for every hammock. It is big enough to fit one big ferret but small enough for one smaller ferret to feel comfortable and protected inside.

Hammocks which can stay on the ground and in the air have soft plastic and textile wadding in the bottom so they can stay in perfect shape even while your ferret is sleeping inside.

Even though it is a good quality and durable material it is still just a fabric. To keep your ferret safe check your hammock inside and outside on weekly basis. Ferrets are energetic pets and they know how to use their claws. Make sure that the hammock doesn’t have a hole in it where it can crawl and injure itself.

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Basic Hammock Ferrets12-350

  • standard square shape hammock
  • 4 adjustable straps for height of the hammock
  • suitable for every cage and transporter
  • a durable outside material and soft inside material
  • comes in black, blue and red color

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Banana Hammock Dook Doook 4-350

  • elongated hammock with one opening
  • 2 adjustable straps on both ends of the hammock
  • wide enough for your ferret to sleep comfortably
  • applicable to every cage
  • available in black, blue and red color

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Pocket Hammock I Love Ferrets4-350

  • a closed hammock with an opening on one side
  • 4 removable straps on every corner
  • big enough to fit your hand in the hammock
  • narrow for light not to come in while it sleeps
  • 3 different designs in red, black and blue colors

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Tunnel Hammock I Love Ferrets10-350

  • it can hang in the cage and be on the floor
  • 3 removable straps
  • outside durable, inside cozy
  • a sponge between fabrics for best shape
  • colors: black, blue, red

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Bucket Hammock Ferrets4-350

  • can be placed on the floor in the room
  • can be hung in the cage
  • 4 removable straps with height adjustment
  • extremely cozy and soft
  • available in  blue, red and black

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BunkBed Hammock Dook Dook10-350

  • made for two or more ferrets
  • 4 adjustable straps
  • stretch it across the cage for best usability
  • a hole in the top hammock for easier crossing
  • choose from black, red and blue design

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Pyramid Hammock Dook Dook14-350

  • designed to stay on the floor and to hang in the air
  • 1 or 2 adjustable straps
  • 2 different way of applying in the cage
  • the bottom has a plastic and textile wadding
  • Pick one from 3 ferretastick designs

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Double Hammock I Love Ferrets4-350

  • two hammocks in one
  • 4 height adjustable straps
  • top hammock is smaller, bottom is bigger
  • can fit two or more ferrets
  • black, blue and red colors

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Cube Hammock Ferrets13-350

  • hammock made for inside and outside of the cage
  • 4 removable straps
  • stays in perfect shape when your ferret is inside
  • 2 openings big enough for your hand
  • 3 colors with ferretastic designs

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Now, let’s talk about washing the hammocks. Since it is printed fabric, the best way to wash them is at low temperature with like colors. Do not iron or bleach so the hammock can last longer. Do not tumble dry because the plastic in hammocks will bend, you can dry them on air. I recommend to use dust roller every week and wash cold every month in the washing machine. Do not use the dryer, dry it on air.

Hammocks which can stay on the ground and in the air are a good solution if your ferret loves to sleep on the floor of your room. My Yoda usually sleeps in the cage, but Frida loves to sleep out of the cage, mostly on the couch or on beanbags. Due to that, I have one hammock out on the floor and few more in the cage.

Every hammock comes with a suitable number of straps from 1 to 4, depending on a shape of the hammock. You can fix them to the side of the cage or to the roof, the variety is big. I’ve written instructions for the best placing of every hammock which you can see on their product page.


Friendly Ferret is the first brand made especially for ferrets and their owners. When I first started my Friendly Ferret brand I had in mind 3 goals: to create ferret related products, to make ferrets more popular and to educate new owners about ferrets and their ferretastick personalities. Purchasing this product you are supporting my mission to show to the world that ferrets are amazing animals and even better pets and I am encouraging you to spread the ferret love every day!

Friendly Ferret is the 1st ferret brand

  • Made with love by ferret owner
  • 1st line of hammocks made especially for ferrets and their needs
  • 3 unique designs made for ferret owners you can choose from

Quality & durability

  • Constantly testing and upgrading hammocks for best quality
  • Making of hammocks lasted about 6 months with constant improvement and solving most common problems

Suitable for ferrets and universal for all cages

  • Inside material tested and approved by two ferrets, Frida and Yoda
  • Adjustable straps make hammocks applicable to 95% different cages

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