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frida-i-yodaAll pets are huge responsibility. Before getting a pet you have to think about his habits, way of life, what does he eator where does he sleep.

The same thing is with ferrets. Their great advantage is that they are big sleepers. People often think that this means they don’t have to let them out of the cage and that they are low maintenance. Well, not so true. Ferrets are big sleepers, but they have to be out of the cage on daily basis. They will be high maintenance if you don’t know how to handle them properly. The main reason for this is that people are getting ferrets without any knowledge about them. Without proper ferretproofing or nutrition, ferrets can get very sick in young age and vet bills are very expensive. Even though they are beautiful bundles of joy, they have crazy mischief side which means you can’t leave them unsupervised at any time!

If you are exploring ferrets and learning about them, there will be times when you’ll feel overwhelmed because there is A LOT of information about almost everything. Where do they sleep, how much they sleep, what are they doing when they are awake, what do they eat, what they mustn’t eat, what about illnesses, vaccination, breeding… You have to explore and learn every aspect of their life. They may be crazy furballs, but they are fragile furballs as well.

In the last few months, I’ve got so many questions about ferrets through social networks about basic things like where do they sleep, what their cage looks like. I am more than happy to answer because I can talk about ferrets 24/7 and I couldn’t be more proud that people are coming to me with questions! 🙂

Because of that and because I really want to help people around me who want a ferret (but they are afraid) I am writing a book, a guide about ferrets. People around me told me that ferrets are too expensive and too complicated to have as a pet and I am so glad I didn’t listen to a word they said. Yes, ferrets are more complicated to own than a dog or a cat but only because you can’t find quality information about them. When you do your homework, you will be prepared for everything and you will see that dogs are actually more complicated than ferrets! 🙂

ferret-foodI’ve learned about them for 2 years before I got my Frida (she’s 4 and a half) and you don’t have to learn that long 🙂 It took time, I explored them when I had time. Between college, job and social life that was harder than I expected, but when I had time, I did it. Now, I decided to write a book about ferrets so people who want ferrets and don’t know much about them can have all they need to know before owning a ferret in one place.

In that book, I will answer every question that I asked myself 6 years ago and I had a lot of questions. So, my book will consist of making a final decision – I’LL GET A FERRET, to buying important things for fuzzy – cage, hammock, toys…  when and why go to the vet, what is the best food for them, to buy one or more and many many many more situations in which every ferret owner was at least once in his life.

For example, what needs to be your budget for a ferret and all that comes with it. Cage, hammock, blankets, bowls, toys, vaccinations, castration, other vets checkup, transporter, harness and much, much more.

I am planning to finish my book by the beginning of next year, but you are more than welcome to leave your email if you are interested and I will let you know how the book is going. I want to make a really good book so I will give first 10 email subscribers book for free so they can read it and review it. Also, if you are an experienced ferret owner, let me know because I would love to give you my book so you can review it from one experienced owner point of view.


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