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Shimbleshanks, Pantalaimon and Kahlua Bear

I’m Britt – I’m 25 and live in Chicago IL, USA (in Chicago – not near, around, or close-ish to Chicago which is a big deal to us Chicagoans) with my little carpet shark, Shimbleshanks, and his two feline brothers Pantalaimon and Kahlua Bear. My passion is writing, as I’m working on a high fantasy novel series, but I make a living working in a surgery clinic as a receptionist and am considering going to school to be a vet tech in a...
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Make your own ferret toys

During my Friendly Ferret hammocks project I have tested enormous amount of fabrics and few fabrics I still have tucked into some box under the table. I had no idea what I will do with them and then it hit me. I will make ferret fabric toys because ferrets can’t have enough toys! Ferrets love toys on strings so most of my designs are like that. Our little hunters love to chase things so you know that you can’t...
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Are ferrets rodents?

 People who see ferrets, the first thing that comes to their mind is oh how cute animal, looks like a hamster. When you see something that small and adorable you assume that this little fuzzy is a rodent. How could something like that be carnivore or predator? Well, it is. 🙂 They are half the size of a normal cat and almost the same size as the guinea pig so you can see why people often ask: “Are ferrets...
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