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Food And Recipes

What can ferret eat?

Ferrets have a specific digestive system, which is rather short. They don’t have much time to digest every nutrient. Due to that, bad nutrition can develop tumors and cancer in early age. Their natural diet is for carnivores – raw meat. That specific digestive system makes ferrets sensitive to different kinds of food, meaning you can’t feed them vegetables because they can’t digest it. Since ferrets are so special, we have to be aware what they can eat and...
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Trick and treat

Ferrets are intelligent animals and even though it can be a challenge to make them come when you call them or stop them from wandering around, but they are actually really cooperative animals.  Ferrets can be taught different tricks and you will have so much fun doing it, just like everything else with a ferret. For teaching some trick you must have time, patience and a treat that your ferret loves more than anything.  😆 Frida has one treat that...
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Ferrets and their owner

Few days ago I’ve read one interesting article. It is about ferret behavior, they were compared with dogs and wild mustelids, which were raised by humans. Guess who did behave similar? I won’t tell now, to ruin the surprise! Even though we don’t know the right distant ancestry of our little furballs, we know that they are among humans for about 2,500 years. That is pretty long, isn’t it? 😀 There are many paintings with ferrets through the history, which...
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