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Fantastic fortress for ferrets

Ferrets have so many toys they love yet, they can get bored easily. Due to that, I try to surprise my Frida and Yoda every few months with one special toy I make for them (a little DIY project). A ferret is the type of animal who loves to interact with other animals and people. So, to make them happy and satisfied we have to stimulate their mind with games and toys. I love doing DIY projects so this...
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Make your ferret a ferretastick Hidey Hole!

The Internet is filled with awesome DIY stuff for pets and I must say I had to make few things for my Frida and Yoda, but I did add some improvements for ferrets. Why do I like those DIY projects? It really boosts your creativity level it is extremely fun and you have the product just the way you wanted to be. I love DIY projects, they are my favorite anti-stress therapy. 🙂  I have prepared few awesome things...
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Make your own ferret toys

During my Friendly Ferret hammocks project I have tested enormous amount of fabrics and few fabrics I still have tucked into some box under the table. I had no idea what I will do with them and then it hit me. I will make ferret fabric toys because ferrets can’t have enough toys! Ferrets love toys on strings so most of my designs are like that. Our little hunters love to chase things so you know that you can’t...
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Couchen, Lili & Bagheera – Two ferrets and a cat

Can you tell us a thing or two about yourself?  I’m a 27 years old female human currently living in North America with my partner.  When did you first found out about ferrets? I was originally all about cats. I found out about ferrets through photos from an Internet friend. She had a cat and a ferret who were getting along very well and they were so cute together. When and how did you get your ferrets?  My partner was as thrilled as I...
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From Hannah, Ruby, Tink and Lunar x

Hi, well my name is Hannah, I’m from the not so sunny North Wales UK. I’m 21 years old and I’m a dancer, training to be a dance teacher and sports masseuse. I first found out about ferrets when I saw them on the film The Golden Compass and just like Anja I decided I had to have them! So I did my research, I visited a local breeder in 2014 and took home my little Ruby. She’s 2 years...
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A story about Bailey, Kahlua and Mitchell by Tara

My girlfriend and I rescued 2 ferret girls in the summer of 2010, Bailey (chocolate color) and Kahlua (sable). They were about 1.5 years old, but still so full of energy! I had wanted ferrets my whole life, but I really didn’t know much about them. The lady from the rescue gave us information and told us a good cage and kibble and we were off!   Looking back, we probably didn’t play with the girls as much as we should...
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Ferret body type

It is easy to describe a ferret body: a long body, short legs, sharp teeth. They are the type of animal you will absolutely recognize if you see one walking down the street on a leash. If you want to recognize them by some official classification, you can do that by the type of fur. By America’s Ferret Asociation there are about 8 fur colors and about 7 fur patterns. That is the official classification and to see what...
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Ferret Sleeping 101: How and where do ferrets sleep?

Where is your ferret sleeping most of the day? During the day I am sure you can find it sleeping everywhere, except the cage. Why is that? Ferrets will like a rock star and one second later will sleep so deep. They get so tired from the play that they just lay down wherever they can. That is why today my topic will be – sleeping. FACTS ABOUT FERRET SLEEPING Almost every day in ferret’s life consists mostly of sleeping. That...
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How to choose the best ferret cage?

Ferrets are big sleepers, but the time they are awake, they will make the most of it, trust me. 🙂 They may sleep 18-20 hours a day, but those 4-6 hours they jump, play, dig and do mischief. Because of that side of them, ferrets shouldn’t be left alone when they are awake and outside of the cage. For example, just the other day I’ve left my room for 10 minutes to make myself the coffee and when I...
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Bathing ferrets: make an adventure for you and your ferrets

Bathing ferrets is a basic part of ferret’s hygiene, but there are some questions every ferret owner should ask before doing it. For example, how often to bathe a ferret? What shampoo is good for ferrets? How about the water temperature? Most ferrets don’t like water so you have to make bathing as much positive for them as you can. Make an adventure out of it, use toys, treats, play with your ferret in the water and your fuzzy...
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