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Friendly Ferret is a brand made especially for ferrets and ferret parents. The main intention is to make ferrets even more popular, to be the number one ferret brand.


It all started back in 2012 with Anja’s plan to learn about ferrets. The main intention was to show people what are ferrets and are they really good pets, or not. Anja has been writing this blog since 2012 when her ferret Frida was a one-year-old. The 2 of them share stories, tips on how to train your ferret or going to the vet. In 2016, Friendly Ferret got another member and that is energetic cinnamon ferret Yoda, also called Rambo since he acts like one little badass without any fear. Every problem or challenge Anja has ever encountered is documented here, as they really happened. How to make your ferret stop biting or what is the best ferret nutrition are just a few challenges Frida and Anja experienced.


Today, we want to expand our brand to more fields. We have 3 goals which include education, ferret equipment, and excellent things for ferret parents. The main reason for that is the lack of equipment specially made for ferrets and ferret parents. Ferrets aren’t ordinary pets and that is why every ferret owner or soon-to-be owner needs to learn about their habits and their way of life. What do they eat, where do they sleep or can they learn tricks are just a few questions every ferret owner asks himself. Friendly ferret is a brand that offers everything, from educational materials to ferret designed products all made with love for ferrets.


We want to make ferrets more popular with proper education, tips & tricks from basic things like litter training to more experienced things like how to socialize two or more ferrets. Here you can find stories and experiences in the life of a ferret owner which can help you choose or do the right thing.


Ferrets are big sleepers, but when they are awake, the world is theirs to conquer! That is why we are designing hammocks, blankets, and cozy pillows for their sleepy time and harnesses, toys and much more for their playtime. We all know that ferrets are always playing and our goal is to make their playtime unforgettable! Every hammock, harness or toy is tested by Frida and Yoda so we can proudly say: ”They are made for ferrets!”


Ferret parents are also in our plan, so we are designing things made for them! We, ferret parents, want to show the world that we have the most amazing fuzzbutts in the world and the best way to show that is with ferretastic hoodies, Tshirts and a large number of different products!


Anja Delic Friendly FerretANJA

I am ferret enthusiast and since 2010 am actively learning about ferrets. Long after that, I got my first ferret, my precious little sable ferret Frida. Ferrets are amazing animals and perfect pets. I want to show that to the entire world. Their nutrition can be challenging, but once you get a hang of it, it becomes a piece of cake. 🙂 My obsession with ferrets started when I was little, far before I started exploring these wonderful creatures. I saw one movie with them in it and from that moment I knew I had to have them More on how did I find out about them you can read in my post here. Since then, I am struggling to find the perfect hammocks, toys, tunnels, so I started to design my own things. I will make hammock, hoodies, Tshirts, cups and everything will be with ferret motive. My inner creative child got so creative so I expanded on Tshirts and human things and I love every design. For me, they represent ferret habits, personalities, and playfulness. You can see that every design has a little ferret side in it and that is because of my ferrets Frida and Yoda, who are my source of inspiration. With ferrets by your side, you’ll never be bored! 🙂



My lady, Frida, a sable ferret has 4 years is actually the boss in my home. She plays occasionally, only when she feels like she can’t resist it. Knows few tricks and she is great at them. When I call her by name, turns around to look at me, then walks away. We have to work on that. XD Sometimes she acts like she is too cool to play in the tunnels, but Yoda has great persuasion abilities. I love to call her my little lady because everything she does, she acts so ladylike. Doesn’t chew anything, won’t destroy the fabric. The only thing that can wake up her wild side is a mouse on a string. In my family, everybody calls her our dragon. 🙂 Big sleeper with just a pinch of crazy is what my Frida is all about. How was she when I got her you can read my post here. Since she is my first ferret, she has a special place in my heart. 🙂



Well, what can I say about my Yoda? 🙂 Little cinnamon thug who lives on the edge because he has no fear! With 4 months he is the same size as Frida so I hope he’ll become one big cuddle-machine! He really looks like he’s been a monkey in past life because the floor isn’t interesting. Tables, window (which is ALWAYS closed) or sofa, now that is something for him. There is no table or shelf too high, trust me, he’ll climb it. 🙂 How was my first week with Yoda you can read here.

Check out our blog to see what is happening in Frida and Yoda’s life, or buy our ferretastic products made with love for ferrets!